AY Electronics was originally founded in Pittsburgh, PA in 2007 by current CEO/President Andy Yost. The company is now headquartered in Chattanooga, TN and is one of the fastest growing private companies in the country. Products are sold and shipped directly to customers through Amazon, eBay, and other online retail channels. We also have a fast growing wholesale division offering a variety of grades, models, and carriers in bulk. AYE has seen 10+ straight years of profits and consistent growth, closing 2016 out with over $9 million in annual sales. Read more about us at!

Why do people choose to buy from us?

Simply put- we offer great below retail prices, the convenience of online shopping, carry a wide range of top quality products, and we fill orders quickly and accurately. This formula along with a dedication to our customers has consistently ranked us among the top of all merchants on both Amazon and eBay. Some honors we have received are Platinum Powerseller and Top Rated Seller status (eBay), as well as Featured Seller status (Amazon).

Where do we get our inventory from?

This is a question we get all of the time. We acquire brand new products as well as previously owned and returned goods through partnerships with major retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. A high percentage of our inventory also comes from customers via trade-in. Usually this is because someone is upgrading their device or switching to another brand. We then inspect, clean, test, repair/refurbish, kit and box these items to be resold.

Interested in joining our team?

Our company has seen tremendous growth since moving to Chattanooga and we are currently hiring to help meet the needs of our customers. The current opening is for a Customer Support and Product Specialist position. Our company is young, growing, and not at all typical. We look forward to reviewing your application!


Cell Phones

Our Top Selling ProductApple, Samsung HTC, Nokia, Microsoft

Smartphones are consistently top selling product. We understand that nearly every person caries a cellphone and depends on it daily- so we make sure our products work 100% like new through full in house testing. Most cell carriers draw customers in with attractive prices if a contract is signed. When a customer is not looking to get locked in to a 2-year committment or simply needs a replacement for a lost or broken device- they come to us. We are proud to supply 10,000+ phones a year to our online customers at substantially less than retail prices. Our direct website can be found at Our product line includes ATT, Verizon, Sprint, TMobile, Straight Talk, and GSM Unlocked phones.


Our Most Popular Brand Apple iPads

We carry all major tablets with an emphasis on the iPad. All of our tablets include accessories and full testing so they can be used and enjoyed right out of the box.

MP3 Players

Every model of iPod Touches, Nanos, Classics

One of the first products we carried was the iPod. We know these products inside and out and still carry every model Apple has produced. Many people question in the utility of an iPod with the advent of smartphones, but most do not enjoy working out or running with the bulk that comes along with a smartphone. iPods still have their place as a dedicated music device and light/convenient workout accessory. Though it is no longer our main focus, iPods are still a big part of our beginning.

Digital Goods

iTunes Gift Cards

10,000+ Codes Emailed WorldWide

One unique service we offer is the digital delivery of gift cards to customers around the world. In any given day, we interact with customers from 20+ different countries to supply iTunes credit which allows them to watch US TV shows and movies. We accept payments from any country- so this service makes it possible for anyone to access content otherwise only available to US citizens with a US credit card.

Gaming Cards

xBox Live Gold Memberships and Playstation Network Codes Cards mailed and emailed to provide the fastest delivery possible

We also have established relationships with Playstation and Microsoft authorized distributers to purchase discounted gaming cards. The cards are sold through our various online channels as well as in bulk to other businesses.

Client Testimonials

  • Really like the condition and time it took to get here. Not one scratch. works like a dream. Happy customer.

    Sarah (Amazon Customer from West Virginia)
  • Most excellent customer service!! Phone was advertised as "very good" and is infact PRISTINE! Literally, the phone and everything else in the box appears to be new. The phone arrived within two days of being ordered! Additionally, seller provided a free upgrade, step by step directions on transferring cell providers, and his name/number for any additional questions and set up help. A+++

    Joy (Amazon Customer from Oregon)

Get In Touch.

Inquiries received during business hours (8-5 Monday through Friday) are responded to within 2 hours. We look forward to hearing from you!

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